Gert Emmens – Mysteries of Dawn

Gert Emmens - Mysteries of Dawn

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Gert Emmens – Mysteries of Dawn

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2023

Since Dutchman Gert Emmens started out composing, he created lots of moody electronics with his large assortment of vintage instruments. “Mysteries of Dawn”, created between November 2021 and April 2022, sees Gert continue his journey through Berlin School sonic landscape in a confident, steady manner.

The melodic outcome -instantly recognizable as Gert’s music- features mostly longer tracks with a key role for catchy sequencing accompanying warm synth pads and some easy-going solos. Each of the 11 cinematic-kindred tracks sketches out its own emotive spherescapes, drifting occasionally in melancholic states like on the strong, quite infectious-sounding 19-minute title piece as well as the two shorter tracks found at the end of each disc.

Rest me to say you should secure your copy of the solid double album “Mysteries of Dawn” if Mr. Emmens’ fine music is among your favorites.


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