Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij – Journey

Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij - Journey

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Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij – Journey
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2007

The sound of the duo’s previous two vintage albums continues on the follow-up “Journey”, nicely venturing in more interesting corners of the Berliner School style.

The 8-minute title-track opens with great vintage sequencing, dressed by warm soundscapes and a grabbing solo by Gert. The sound of dripping water fills the intro of the 15-minute “The Endless Running Messenger”, soon followed by mellotron and other vintage sounds and a sequence showing up in the background which gets more prominent as the tracks evolves. Gert’s engaging vintage soloing again graces this track, giving it the just right touch and vibe to make things float away as the sonic journey smoothly moves forward.

Next is the almost 12-minute “A City Awakens”, which kicks off with a different, rather pulsating bass sequencer line before the sound builds with synth and retro textures and a typical “Emmens” solo.
“Rolling Thunder in the Mountains of Hope”, clocking at almost the same length as the previous track, starts out with dynamic, joyful sequencing patterns and rhythms to which (as could be expected) some of Gert’s delightful vintage soloing is added halfway, after ten minutes slowing down again with fx’s and soundscapes.

Moody and ethereal free form soundscapes fill “Red Clouds over a Misty Swamp”, a personal favourite, creating an overall dreamy, calming sonic environment.
The albums winds down very nicely with the 17-minute “Regaining Breath in the Eye of the Storm”, another strong improvised effort with quality sequencer work and haunting vintage chords with a more quiet interlude around the 10-minute mark.

All in all, “Journey” again confirms these two skilled musicians compliment each other brilliantly with their visions on vintage electronic music.


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