Gert Emmens – The Last Alien

Gert Emmens - The Last Alien

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Gert Emmens – The Last Alien
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2016

To record the music of “The Last Alien”, Dutch synthesist Gert Emmens challenged his skills once more, this time selecting some old pre-MIDI synths only that are (and indeed proved to be) hard and demanding to work with. He even had the opportunity to use a huge Moog 55 modular and ARP 2600 from friends to record sequences and sound effects for the album’s music respectively.

Well, all hard work has led to another inspired and well-made recording in classic electronic Berlin School style, unraveling a sonic narrative in five parts which sparkles, sizzles, soars and intrigues on parts three and four especially. The fact Gert has added some acoustic drumming to three of the five melodic, sequencer-spiced compositions is also a bonus.

The warmth, mellowness and imaginary ambient spheres scattered all over “The Last Alien” make the 60-minute recording another of Gert’s well-accomplished works.


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