Gert Emmens – Triza

Gert Emmens - Triza


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Gert Emmens – Triza
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2015

Telling sonic narratives is something Gert Emmens is getting very good at when you look back on his output in recent years. The 73-minute “Triza” travels through a dark, mysterious and post-apocalyptic world, aptly depicted on the cd cover. Moreover, it deals with suffering in different aspects, which is also reflected during the sonic journey where it sometimes seems sunlight have faded forever. In these harsh, relentless and unforgiving conditions, a cat is seeking its way out while trying to survive best as possible.

Gert unfolds his storyline meticulously and continuously while using evocative soundscapes, effects, a few melodic solos, a bit of e-guitar along some vibrant sequencing. The latter already excels briefly on “Where is Triza” (a nice nod to vintage TD) while pulling things onward and in a broader perspective on the 25-minute finale “Wanderers of the Streets”. The latter is a complex composition and especially compelling, sketching out various sequencer tapestries and imminent atmospheres, leaving feelings of hope and release in the end.

Overlooking the whole outcome of “Triza”, the music and sound design is unmistakably Gert Emmens, but (as on “Outland”) painting a bigger picture and addressing serious global issues compared to his extensive, more melodic-oriented back catalogue. Also check this out if you have a weak spot for old school ’70’s Berlin School.


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