Ghosts in Mirrors – Cold Dust

Ghosts in Mirrors - Cold Dust

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Ghosts in Mirrors – Cold Dust
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Littl’ Antenna Records, 2020

The Belgium electronic music scene is expanding for years with own festivals (Cosmic Nights, B-Wave, AntennA/ Littl’ Antenna festival, Sonic Emissions), Belgian Neumusik, two labels promoting this genre of music thoroughly (Littl’Antenna and Wool-E Records) as well as the media Channel AntennA for Electronic Music.

With “Cold Dust”, Koen Buytaert (known as one half of The Roswell Incident) presents his first solo-effort featuring music recorded live in concert during a performance at PostX, Merebeke in October 2018. Here, the cinematic, haunting vibe -already profoundly present on The Roswell Incident releases- has been extended with dark and gothic-ish spheres, coming to mesmerizing effect on the near 20-minute “Why is irrelevant”. A more desolate yet dronish-soundscape environment is explored on “The Thought was missing” clocking at the same length. Its first half reminds slightly of Schulze’s “Cyborg” and then shifts gradually into the surreal, drifting and imaginary while it gets under your skin. I for one would have loved Koen had extended this tantalising second half a bit further.

Make sure you experience this fine ambient recording travelling into the deep end with a good pair of headphones. Chapeau Koen, and keep up the good work.



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