Glen Tarachow – Waterclock

Glen Tarachow - Waterclock

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Glen Tarachow – Waterclock
CD, Burning Water Rebellion, 2004

Glen Tarachow seems to be a well known guy in the US-commercial music industry as a composer for television.

“Waterclock” is his first full-length instrumental ambient cd, one with quite an own voice in ambient space and relaxation music. Next to sounding relaxed and a bit mystic, it also helps to get into uncharted, ethereal realms of human consciousness.

The seven uninterrupted tracks, in all 42 minutes, create an evocative ambient tapestry in which several layers slowly unfold. Delicate percussion and soft soaring guitar licks fuse with transparent synth-cords and piano keys, of which some passages offer hypnotizing minimalism.

This is a mesmerising ambient landscape full of contemplation, a perfect tool to make your mind slow down.



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