Gliese 614 – Serenity

Gliese 614 - Serenity

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Gliese 614 – Serenity
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

“Serenity” is a slowly morphing atmospheric ambient work by Ben Altmann, a London-based composer who founded the project Gliese 614 in 2004.

For the music, Ben deliberately used only one piece of gear, the Arturia ARP2600V semi-modular software synthesizer (based on the ARP 2600), also with the goal to find out what he could achieve with this imposed limitation. In addition, all modulations and effects of the mystical, dense and misty music were applied in real time.

Recorded in July 2010, the two long pieces (17 and 19 minutes respectively) of quiet atmospheric and delicately changing textural music aims to transport the listener to another era or dimension.

Some passages of “Serenity‚Äôs” tranquil soundscape music, which was inspired by historical buildings and ruins next to connecting to life in the Middle Ages, actually feels like an ascent.
These minimal changing and a bit raw sounding textural chords also have a certain pastoral, drifting impact.

All in all, this album is only appropriate for fans of drone-form ambient with a strong focus on sound textures in mind.
“Serenity” is available as cd-r and as free download at

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