Glyn Lloyd-Jones – Chaotic Attraction


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Glyn Lloyd-Jones – Chaotic Attraction
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

Mr Lloyd Jones is able to surprise me with every new album he comes up with, and “Chaotic Attraction” is no exception to that.

Beside the modern classical feel to the music on this newbie, Glyn remains a master of combining melodic lines with infectious sequenced patterns, creating his own evocative electronic symphonies. Glyn’s sonic creations sound bright and inspired, echoing and paying tribute to ‘80’s synth music (traces of Tangerine Dream are evident).
In addition, it mixes all ingredients up to create a vibrant sonic space of its own with a great intrinsic drive.

All in all, “Chaotic Attraction” pushes the envelope to the next level with its four lengthy, attractive compositions. Nice going, Glyn.

Liked the previous releases, this one is available as download from MusicZeit.


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