Glyn Lloyd-Jones – From Time to Time

Glyn Lloyd-Jones - From Time to Time

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Glyn Lloyd-Jones – From Time to Time
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2008

Many years after his last release, Glyn Lloyd Jones (who now resides in Italy) surprises us with his new release “From Time to Time”. The biggest part of the 57-minute album is filled by the two-part title track, which consists of 20 minutes each.

Part one is a nice collection of faster and slower passages, nicely starting with soft soundwaves, but at the two minute mark great ’80 TD sequencing, melodic lines and solo’s set in. This straight forward style also blends elements of Synergy’s “Metropolitan Suite”.

The second part is even better, taking off as a kind of film music with TD-signature, followed by fast, haunting sequencing, soundscapes and great bass work in the first half. After a short, quiet interlude, the engine fires another time as various dynamic synth and sequencer layers blast off, ending up in an almost dancy tune.

The strong “Destined to be Swallowed by the Sharks of Time” is a warm, melancholic tune with symphonic hints, creating an euphoric/church-like atmosphere. It made my mind wander back to the sensitive style of John Kerr. Sadly enough, the closing track “The Clockmaker’s Perpetual Motion Machine” sounds as a mishmash and superficial toy play, missing the connection with the previous pieces.

Those who believe electronic music is deteriorating, should have a proper listen to the first three tracks of this well produced and composed album. I’m sure it will change your mind.
It’s a pity the album is only available as download from Bandcamp, as this music deserves a proper release.


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