Glyn Lloyd-Jones – Mindmusic

Glyn Lloyd-Jones - Mindmusic

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Glyn Lloyd-Jones – Mindmusic
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 1984/2013

In an interview I conducted in November 2008, this composer talked about his first steps in music, finally being able to build a bridge between the electronics side and the musical side in the early ‘80s. Using a self-built modular analogue synthesizer with 16-note sequencer built-in, a self-built polyphonic ‘string’ synthesizer, an 8-note analogue sequencer, a few effects units as well as Tascam Portastudio he would compose “Mindmusic”, his first musical creation. Reflecting on it then, Glyn was sure not to remaster it, thus making it highly unlikely it would ever be released.

Fast forward to 2012-2013. As restoring the original tapes to listenable condition was nearly impossible Glyn Lloyd Jones decided to re-record everything from his debut from scratch using contemporary digital technology but staying as close as possible to the original sound and his initial intentions. This “lost” predecessor to Glyn’s “Timelines” is a fine example of authentic yet fresh UK electronics with its fine combos of assorted sequences, distinct bass notes, melodic solo voices and lush string pads. A happy piece like “Digitaria” simply brings a smile on my face, while the four-part title piece scattered over the album reveals classical influences as well as vibes of classic Synergy and TD occasionally.


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