GoGooo – Long, lointain

GoGooo - Long, lointain

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GoGooo – Long, lointain
CD, Baskaru, 2007

GoGooo is a music project of the French composer Gabriel Hernadez.
“Long, Lointain” (“Long, far”) is a peculiar ambient release with miniature ambient music, assembled with what I would call a whole range of lost and found sounds.

The outcome of ten short tracks is derived from field recordings, guitar, melodica, carrilon, organ, piano and laptop, sounds strange and searching. These surreal, rather abstract, looped sound paintings with occasional skeletons of miniature melodies, are imaginative but they soon got on my nerves due to the digitally treated and sampled impact.

This sound art recording is only recommended for adventurous ambient ears.

Website: www.baskaru.com


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