Goldmund – Corduroy Road

Goldmund - Corduroy Road

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Goldmund – Corduroy Road
LP/CD, Type Recordings, 2005

“Corduroy Road” is the debut album of Keith Kenniff, aka Goldmund, featuring a collection of 13 most pastoral, intimate piano-based miniatures and a slice of acoustic guitar inspired by the American Civil War.

The compact, most tranquil and narrative cinematic landscapes of minor-key piano sketched out here fit in the league of Harold Budd and Erik Satie, breathing loneliness, melancholy and introspective beauty through its profound neoclassical aural realm. It’s subtle, highly emotive but remains still modest. The sparseness of and the space between the notes linked with profound intimacy created by the slow minimalist compositions almost make the listener held his breath and wait what sonic tenderness is coming next.

Ambient listeners looking for something touching but not sentimental and very quiet should dig the effective simplicity and elegance of “Corduroy Road”. Headphone listening is recommended.



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