Graham Getty & Stephan Whitlan – Higher Green Session

Graham Getty & Stephan Whitlan - Higher Green Session

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Graham Getty & Stephan Whitlan – Higher Green Session
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Retrochet Records, 2013

Many might know UK-synthesist Graham Getty from quite a list of solo and collaborative recordings, most often inspired by the German vintage electronics of the ’70’s.

His collaboration with Mr Whitlan adds a new flavour to the aforementioned, as not leaning on the melodic while pulling some new twists out of his sleeve as well. On this release, pulsating and driving sequencers play a very important part in the music of the duo. They are adjusted almost constantly but subtle as each of the three parts evolves naturally, the second one (having a beautiful serene opening) being more minimalist in form and execution while spherical pads hover over it. Various faster-paced, but still minimal sequencing and rhythm also surface on the third part, the weakest piece to my ears, where an awkward organ sound also shows up.

The almost 40-minute “Higher Green Session” will suit you if you like Berliner School music, but turning out just a bit different.

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