Graham Getty – The Lattice

Graham Getty - The Lattice

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Graham Getty – The Lattice
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Retrochet Records, 2010

All those out there who love massive sequencing and TD’s vintage style from the mid ’70’s will surely like to grab this fine dynamic release. The 50-minute “The Lattice” (recorded real-time straight to multi-track hard disc) just sparkles energy and fun as the ongoing strings of pulsating sequencers and nice mellotron pads take off from the beginning.

Key elements here take inspiration from TD’s “Rubicon” era. The constant muting of the rhythmic patterns also delivers some excellent morphing and rumbling bass lines (e.g. in the last part), a nice contrast to the velvet mellotron tapestries and flutes. A short mellow interlude with modern techno-clicks follows on “part 3”, before things take off once more on the faster-paced retro valley. While paying tribute to the old-style Berliner School, this music implements more rhythm to the sequencer-driven type of music.

The physical version of “The Lattice” comes as a vinyl-style cd-r.


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