Green Isac – Groundrush

Green Isac - Groundrush

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Green Isac – Groundrush
CD, Spotted Peccary/Wanderings, 2001

“Groundsrush”, the second release on Spotted Peccary’s sublabel Wanderings, is made by the Norwegian duo Andreas Eriksen and Morten Lund, aka Green Isac.
The cd-box has a sticker with the text “ethno-techno trance dance”, which covers quite some musical territory for sure.

The almost fully instrumental album clocks a bit above 50 minutes, but doesn’t have that much to do with electronic music in the pure sense. There indeed are lots of ethnic samples, processed sounds and rhythmic elements but only few synths.
“Is their any doubt in your mind” sire is the nicest track of all with its quiet, moody Patrick O’Hearn-kindred piano.
Other moments in the music of his well produced album slightly resemble Synaesthesia or Banabila & Saka, but it never reaches that quality.



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