Green Isac – Passengers

Green Isac - Passengers

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Green Isac – Passengers
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music , 2014

“Passengers” is the long-awaited ethno-electronic sound world release by the Norwegian band Green Isac, aka multi-instrumentalist Morten Lund and percussionist Andreas Eriksen, seeing the light of day after over a ten year hiatus.

The album itself is in fact a completely realized triptych, as it combines three shorter works, “Backwaters”, “Kites”, and “Larynx” into one master experience of African rhythms, exotic traditional instruments, minimalist ambient, and sculpted electronic sound environs. The outcome is an unusual yet weird mix of psychedelics with extraordinary pulsations, moves and shapes, all very hard to classify.

Despite several spins and dedicated listening, I still couldn’t make much sense out of it. I therefore strongly recommend pre-listening this album before possible purchase, as the quirky music steps far out of the ordinary.



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