Grobek - Grobek I

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2019

Grobek (a word without any meaning) is a project initiated by Jörg Erren and Christian Steffen (both know as one half of the fine German quartet EFSS).  Same as on previous EFSS- occasions, they went to the Dutch coastal village Ouddorp, played analogue equipment only and relied fully on improvisation embracing the magic and happy accidents happening live-in-the-moment.

The two have come up with 58 minutes of sequencer/rhythmic-driven electronic music were the vintage impact and intrinsic power is evident. Compared to the last EFSS album “Tidal Shift”, the dark flavour has been exchanged to a much more accessible and open one, even dressing some melodic textures over the (occasionally minimal-oriented) sequenced structures. “Goeree Overflakkee 8”, “Time Marches on” and “Upstream” are nice examples of this sonic approach while “Tadpole” is more of an emotive, spherical painting. In the second half of the recording, “Polarity” and “Contention” prove quirkier and daring, but also display the fun the musician’s must have had when they happened.

Overall, Grobek’s music makes an interesting listen, so hopefully more work will follow…



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