Harald Grosskopf – Synthesist

Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist

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Harald Grosskopf – Synthesist
LP/CD, Sky Records, 1980

“Synthesist”, the debut by German composer Harald Grosskopf, is one of those cult releases from the golden synth era. It’s an accessible, melodic outing of early synth-pop songs with Mr Grosskopf’s steady drumming and a most pleasant airy, lush feel along an occasional mellow touch.

Catchy, positive opener “So Weit, So Gut” gained a lot of fame in Western Europe as it was used as the main tune for the German electronic music radio’s show “Schwingungen”, followed by three instrumental tunes. The other four tracks thereafter spread a more cinematic, futuristic and even slightly surreal flavour as melody has moved to the background, giving room to more metallic, slightly darker and abstract-oriented sound design. If ’80’s well-tuned and tempered electronics are up your alley, “Synthesist” simply belongs in there.
The album was re-released in 2014 by Bureau B.

Website: www.haraldgrosskopf.de


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