Harald Nies – Dual Systems

Harald Nies - Dual Systems

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Harald Nies – Dual Systems
CD-R, Syngate, 2007

This album is my second encounter with the music of German musician Harald Nies.
I wasn’t satisfied by his 2004 album “Space in Everywhere”, but this time things have improved considerably on behalf of sound and production.

“Spacejuggler” begins with tasty, melodic music and a nice sequence, later followed by some e-guitar solo’s.

This guitar sound and solo’s have quite some impact on the overall music, and I think that’s a pity.
I personally think it spoils the accessible electronics throughout. They sound almost screaming and aggressive (track 2), or pointless, disturbing and annoying on several other pieces. Sound wise, it just doesn’t fit into this instrumental music.

The sound of the drum computer on this cd isn’t that fancy either. And than there’s the weak fifth track “Magma Chakra”, which sounds as Mr Nies is just fumbling around a bit with his gear.

There’s still quite some work to be done here to make this general melodic music overall interesting and attractive.
And Harald: please skip that e-guitar next time.

Website: haraldnies.bandcamp.com

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