Harvey Summers – Moon

Harvey Summers - Moon


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Harvey Summers – Moon
CD/Digital Download, MIG, 2022

Here’s a captivating release by an artist who used the lengthy Covid lockdown period to set up another studio in his home. It would become the birthplace for a cinematic, orchestral, and narrative opus inspired by a lifelong interest in space and the series of moon landings. To achieve the outcome, record producer, recording artist, songwriter, and highly accomplished mastering engineer Harvey Summers used all his skills from over 30 years of experience in the music business.

For “Moon” he composed some 56 minutes of atmospheric, emotive, and rather epic instrumental music merging analog synths with classical/orchestral sounds in an expert manner. Through 13 tracks, Harvey presents his listeners with an evocative and quite lyrical companion into a world of exploration, beauty, and splendor that features occasional hints from Vangelis and Hans Zimmer. It would make a great soundtrack for a beautiful planetarium show. Highlights: “Dreams of another Sky”, “Spacewalk”, “Earth Rising”, “Sleeping L.E.M.”, and “The Journey Home”.

With this recording, Mr. Summers has fully succeeded in creating an immersive sonic experience for the listener, to create and explore new worlds beyond music and sound. “Moon’s” overall production and mastering are, as could be expected, excellent. Well done, Mr. Summers!

Website: www.mig-music.de



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