Hashtronaut – Bottle Universe

Hashtronaut - Bottle Universe

Release data:

Hashtronaut – Bottle Universe
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Flightlog Restricted Recordings, 2006

“Bottle Universe” is the second album of by Michael Daniel, who goes by the name of Hashtronaut. Well, this guy knows what he’s doing as his attractive Berlin School inspired space music contains some catchy solo’s and sequencing which strongly resemble those of Klaus Schulze.

Although the cover of the promo-copy I got from it on Flightlog Restricted Recordings lists four tracks, the cd-player reads only two lengthy tracks of over 30 minutes each. After a mixed of fx-sounds the both tracks kick off with sequences after which the sounds keeps building up and the solo’s burst out. I’m sure lots of fans will be very fond of his music.

Originally released as a limited edition cd-r on Flightlog Restricted Recordings, “Bottle Universe” was re-issued on the EEMC-label with a different cover. Meanwhile it’s also available as download through MusicZeit.

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