Havdis – Fugløya

Havdis - Fugløya


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Havdis – Fugløya

“Fugløya”,  Havdis’4th album on Gterma, was actually ready to go to print in early March but due to Covid19 had to sit back and wait a bit just like everyone else. This time around the album comes with some stunning photographs of label owner Johan Rehn complementing the 78-minute narrative ambient journey very nicely.

As was the case on previous albums, all sounds used by Odd Jensen are influenced heavily by the sea and arctic nature while some local field recordings were implemented as background atmosphere. Of the nine aural paintings on this album, a few were made several years back. The outcome is a beautiful, overall tranquil and introspective ambient soundscape featuring strings of lush, gentle morphing textures where the water element shimmers through clearly. The floating music takes on an abstract, darker turn on “Morning Shadow” while full immersion sets in from the hypnotizing “Hildring” onward. From time to time, the created realm made me think of the final track of Giles Reaves” “Sea of Glass” as well as Living Dreamtime’s “Exploring the Water Element”.

Next to that one can sense “Fugløya” is a true work of art expressing the composer’s love for as well as his concern about our environment and our planet’s future. Once again, A.P.’s expert mastering skills put the icing on the cake here.


Website: www.gterma.blogspot.com

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