Havdis – Novemberlys

Havdis - Novemberlys


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Havdis – Novemberlys
CD, Gterma, 2016

Released during the winter of 2015/2016, “Novemberlys” contains seven calming ambient pieces compiled and mixed by label-owner Johan Rehn from the Havdis-catalogue.

The first two (“Waterhorse” and “Dressed in Dark Water”) were made in 2012, the rest composed in the last two years. As was the case on Odd’s previous albums, the outcome fits to the musician’s deep love for the sea. Furthermore, the freeform and minimal-oriented textural pieces are an expression of being close to nature and an attempt to reflect what’s out there, shimmering on the horizon and distant shores.

These immersive, slow evolving tapestries and quiet soundscapes catching the mysterious Scandinavian November light spread a soft glow through deeper currents. Its gentle and enigmatic-flavored aural waves trigger the imagination as we’re traversing expansive spaces in a contemplative state of mind.

“Novemberlys” makes excellent headphone music and is a must for all who appreciate captivating, narrative and velvet ambient musings.

Website: www.gterma.blogspot.com

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