Heavenly Music Corporation – Consciousness III

Heavenly Music Corporation - Consciousness III

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Heavenly Music Corporation – Consciousness III
CD, Silent Records, 1994

Let’s journey back to the mid ‘90’s and the techno-ish/chill-out made then. On “Conciousness III”, composer Kim Cascone has found a way to blend chill-out with trance and electronics without sounding obtrusive.

The albums mellow/circular and lush-minimalist sound design paired with vocal samples and steady beats and rhythms create a carefully-molded aural cocoon of dreamy, meditative and psychedelic spheres where things are in balance in meticulous motion.

Smooth, ethereal ambient is addressed on the final track “Riding Windhorse”, my personal favorite on “Conciousness III” and in line of the album “Lunar Phase” which was to follow one year later.

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