Heavenly Music Corporation – In the Garden of Eden

Heavenly Music Corporation - In the Garden of Eden

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Heavenly Music Corporation – In the Garden of Eden
CD, Silent Music, 1993

The rather transcendental music with organic undercurrent contained on “In the Garden of Eden” was created for the Space Age Lounge, a techno-mystical chill room in Goa, India.

The sonic scenery of spacious ambient chill-out sketched out here by US composer and sound designer Kim Cascone is lush, blissful and mind-expanding, with a focus on sedate, warm and rich textures. There’s barely any rhythm present on the recording, although there’s a sparse rhythmic form in which all elements move around.

The slowly drifting, circular and evolving aural tapestries blend with a well-chosen assortment of environmental and nature sounds, creating a psychedelic yet esoteric kind of time capsule/womb. The best piece is the mesmerizing, quite trance-inducing 14-minute title piece found near the end, followed by the trippy “Reentry” to which Steve Roach contributes some didgeridoo.

The thoughtful and overtly relaxed “In the Garden of Eden”, which made me think of Mystical Sun on certain passages, is a special ambient-techno experience. It’s recommended to listen to it through headphones.

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