Heavenly Music Corporation – Lunar Phase

Heavenly Music Corporation - Lunar Phase


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Heavenly Music Corporation – Lunar Phase
CD, Silent Records, 1995

The musician behind the project Heavenly Music Corporation is sound designer and musician Kim Cascone, who founded his own label Silent Records around the mid ‘80s.

For “Lunar Phase”, he compiled material composed especially for St. Giga, Japan, a satellite broadcast radio station that transmitted ambient music 24 hours a day, and whose programming was based around the current tidal movements.

The elegant ambient music, spread over seven track, is something special as it merges subtle sample work with soft soaring synthesizers, dub basslines, sounds of nature and effects.
The shimmering melodic lines and sparse, slow paced beatless rhythms create a beautiful and overall hypnotic state of mind.

This cd seems be hard to find these days, but sure is worth the troubles tracking down a copy.
All in all, “Lunar Phase” sure is a very nice piece of vintage ambient music.

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