Hecq – Night Falls

Hecq - Night Falls

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Hecq – Night Falls
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hymen/Ant-Zen, 2008/2016

This deep listening recording is not for the faint of heart. Nocturnal, neo-classical, semi-orchestral and dark cinematic mood music (including a passage with abstract/experimental hooks on “Dis”) is on the menu on Hecq’s fifth album “Night Falls”, a side-project by Berlin-based composer, producer and sound designer Ben Lukas Boysen.

Marked as an artistic turning point (no more rhythm-based IDM), the album’s haunting, deep, non-rhythmic yet dynamic sound design of resonating waves is drenched in loneliness, melancholy, romance and sadness.

Most of the time though the emotive, mysterious, eerie and tense journey inward is simply beyond words as majestic strings interact with gothic electronic soundscapes as we travel through transcendental and otherworldly states. It could be a soundtrack for desolate souls dwelling in a state of melancholy. The best is found at the end: the mesmerizing, warm soundwaves on the closing pieces “Above” and especially “I am you” (where things really dissolve in time and space) are the highlight of this imaginative-dramatic recording.

I suggest you check out “Night Falls” if you’re into Irezumi, dark-shaded Altus or the profound dark ambient releases of Malignant Records.

Website: www.benlukasboysen.com


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