Hemisphere – Beyond the Darkness

Hemisphere - Beyond the Darkness

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Hemisphere – Beyond the Darkness
CD, Cue Records NL, 1996

Most of Hemisphere’s recordings have a strong cinematic impact, and “Beyond the Darkness” by the combo Ralph Knappe-Heinbockel and Thorsten Reinhardt is no exception.

Although kicking off with a rhythmic piece with some progrock guitar, the music descends into deeper atmospheres of synthetic spaces soon thereafter. It’s a haunting and mesmerizing aural environment with occasional abstract hooks, sinister turns, gothic-oriented realms and experimental edges along several rhythmic passages in between. Especially “Fragile Imagination”, “Theta” and the title piece offer a very nice display of all these elements in slow, shapeshifting or more up-tempo motion. Gloomy spherics and darkening electronics make up the sonic content of the last few tracks, all culminating on the haunting “Inner Light”.

Website: www.groove.nl

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