Hemisphere – Early Reflection 1980 – 1990

Hemisphere - Early Reflection 1980 - 1990

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Hemisphere – Early Reflection 1980 – 1990
CD, Cue Records, 1997

This album of previously unreleased material came out in a period a lot of retrospective recordings by others saw the light of day. Still, I find it most interesting to dig into the sonic origins of a musician, in this case the first steps by Ralf-Knappe Heinbockel aka Hemisphere, established in a time when neither computers nor multi-track recording were around.

As I put on “Early Reflection 1980-1990” I was most pleased to find out the majority of the 73-minute outcome is non-rhythmic/sequencer, focussing on intense and captivating, at times rather mysterious and foreboding soundscape offerings (which I always preferred in Hemisphere’s work).

The intense spherics features a very nice blend of classic electronic sounds, addressing the imaginary, haunting on e.g. the three-part “Aliens” along cinematic textural realms as on “Child of the Desert”, the uplifting “Virtual Response” or the otherworldly mindscapes of the final piece “Blexen”.

Hemisphere’s output simply transports the listener to alternate realities with –what seems- so less effort. Recommended.

Website: www.groove.nl

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