Hemisphere – Liquid Mirror

Hemisphere - Liquid Mirror


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Hemisphere – Liquid Mirror
CD, Musique Intemporelle/Groove Unlimited, 1991/1999

“Liquid Mirror” is the first album of Hemisphere (aka German musician Ralph Knappe Heinbockel), which originally came out years ago on Bernd Kistenmacher’s label Musique Intemporelle.

The original version was sold out for a long time, and hardly sought after by many collectors of nice electronic music.
Therefore, it’s great that the Dutch Groove Unlimited label finally achieved to put out a re-release of this classic album back on the market.

This, fully remastered, re-release contains 2 bonus tracks not available on the original, very succesfull debut of Hemisphere.

“Liquid Mirror” offers a great collection of vast provoking rhythmic and non-rhythmic soundscapes (all dealing with the water element), which would later on become on of the major trademark of Hemisphere….

Website: www.groove.nl

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