Hoenig – Göttsching – Early Water

Hoenig - Göttsching - Early Water


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Hoenig – Göttsching – Early Water
CD, Musique Intemporelle/Spalax, 1995

“Early Water” is one of those classic gems in electronic music that found its origin in a jam session that took place in Berlin in the autumn of 1976 between Manuel Göttsching and Michel Hoenig.
The “lost” recording remained on the shelf for about 20 years or so, but was luckily discovered by Mr Göttsching when he was going through his back catalogue.

The album features one 48-minute track in the tradition of the sound of the Berliner School. It’s an alchemy of beautiful soaring vintage synths and Manuel’s spiralling, sometimes dreamy Gibson-guitar work.

There’s a very nice pulsating drive and flow embedded in this lengthy, encompassing composition, offering a great ebb and flow of textural synth washes and occasional sequencer patterns.

“Early Water” is a must-have for any Berliner School addict.



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