Hol Baumann – [Human]

Hol Baumann - [Human]

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Hol Baumann – [Human]
CD, Ultimae Records, 2008

“[Human]” is the first cd of Lyon-based sound designer and musician Hol Baumann, aka Olivier Orand.

To me, Baumann’s peculiar form of down-tempo music is rather different from the usual stuff that I know from this established French label.
It contains rather rough edges next to lots of glitchy sounds, clicks, and not to forget: quite some straight forward break beats.
To say it in Olivier’s own words: “my music is directed towards a mixture of “glitchy” acoustic and electronic sounds, melancholic and sharp, woody and urban”.

Most of the music is not that laidback as one might expect, although a piece like “We are analog” creates a relaxed, immersive sonic realm. In addition, the final track “A forgotten ritual” is a strong down-tempo ending of this album as well.

I think this release will be appreciated by those who have an adventurous ear and an open view towards this genre of electronic music.

Website: www.holbaumann.com


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