Hollan Holmes – A Distant Light

Hollan Holmes - A Distant Light


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Hollan Holmes – A Distant Light
CD, Hollan Holmes Music, 2010

Hollan Holmes is a new name in the genre of ambient music, which recently introduced himself and his music on the electronic music forum Emportal.info around the end of 2010.

“A Distant Light” is his a debut, which the composer describes as a deeply spiritual journey and a celebration of exploration. The sonic vehicle is also the driving force for the search what lies beyond and all that is waiting to be discovered.

“A Distant Light” features eight tracks of delightful textural ambient, which was treated with the expert mastering and sonic enhancements by Steve Roach, that takes the outcome to an even higher level.

Listening to Hollan’s music is an uninterrupted drift into fine crafted and overtly expansive spheres and emotive soundscape worlds. A voyage which is occasionally accompanied by minimal sequencer patterns such as featured in “Wellspring” and “Malus”. Even smooth, ethereal atmospheres pass by on the gradually unfolding and elevating “Mist and Myth”.

A stronger immersive impact surfaces on the gliding “The Arrival” found toward the end of the album, after which the celestial spheres settle down quietly on the closing track “Twilight”.
The cinematic, emotional and deep immersive undercurrents in the textural music (such as displayed in darker flavored “Inevitability”) also deserve worth a mention.

“A Distant Light” proves to be a job well done. A highly recommended ambient/space release!

Website: www.hollanholmesmusic.com

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