Hollan Holmes – Phase Shift

Hollan Holmes - Phase Shift


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Hollan Holmes – Phase Shift
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

“Phase Shift” is the third release by US synthesist Hollan Holmes, containing two long form compositions along three shorter takes found at the beginning.

The outcome, a contemplative look into the human psyche, is a thought-provoking, spiritual and above all positive work of sonic art, while also an emotional ride on the current state of humanity. Mr Holmes feels the growing tension in American society is running out of control very quickly now, as things have shift from strong family values and moral virtue to one of arrogance, entitlement, apathy and the abandonment of morals and ethics.

The music of the concept album “Phase Shift”, again excellently mastered by the capable Chad Kettering, is and wants to be a strong counterpart to all this. It’s no sad or heavy sounding electronic recording, but a positive, reflective and elevating foray able to trigger positive change. Moreover, its profound vibrations and undercurrents reveal what is possible if societies and cultures can simply live a life controlled by love and creativity. The 60-minutes of powerful and highly imaginative space music found here bring it all up close and personal, sketching a better environment through the power of music.

From the short pieces, the first two are the liveliest, featuring a song-like approach with great sequencing along expansive sound design. From the third piece “Lost Memories” on, the highly cosmic atmosphere starts to wind down, taking things into an immersive, slow-flow lane. Free form cosmic flights touch down on the introspective “Morphogenesis” and the immersive textures of the 32-minute title track putting an end to this emotive and most satisfying recording.

Besides offering great cosmic music, “Phase Shift” also brought me an alternative to escape into: a world hidden inside all of us that feels so familiar and at ease. Thank you, Hollan.

Website: www.hollanholmesmusic.com

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