Hollan Holmes – Sacred Places

Hollan Holmes - Sacred Places

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Hollan Holmes – Sacred Places

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2024

In one of my previous reviews of Mr. Holmes’s music I once remarked the heartfelt aural splendor spread out there simply draws you in without much effort. From there, something indefinably magical takes over to a lasting, mesmerizing effect. This stamp can also be put on “Sacred Places”, Holmes’s third release on Spotted Peccary Music, a 71-minute collection of 11 eleven geographic compositions representing the special places Hollan visited in his life that have special meaning and importance to him personally. The full outcome of meticulous sound design and ongoing explorations into sequence-driven rhythmic melodies was realized in Holmes’ home studio The Decompression Chamber -with the goal- of sonically capturing the spiritual and emotional energy of these places.

Lined up next to Hollan´s previous releases, “Sacred Places” also sounds more complex, containing myriad nuances and details that attempt to focus on a specific musical experience that encourages repeated listening. In the process of shaping, refining, and molding the outcome (that again was top-notch mastered by Howard Givens) as well as incorporating tribal and ambient passages along the way, additional technical efforts were pursued to ensure an even higher quality recording than all past efforts.

The listener is drawn into Mr. Holmes’s inner world almost immediately with the energetic opener “Order Out of Chaos” and the other tracks. Overall it’s an exciting and spatial sonic realm of ornate sequencer passages dressed delicately with tribal ambient flourishes that are intricate yet intimate, together sketching out wondrous, illusive landscapes in the listener’s mind.

Overall rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars.

Website: hollan-holmes.bandcamp.com

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