Hollan Holmes – The Farthest Fringes

Hollan Holmes - The Farthest Fringes


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Hollan Holmes – The Farthest Fringes
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

Out of the blue, Texas-based electronic musician and computer graphics artist Hollan Holmes surprised the electronic space music community in 2010 with his debut “A Distant Light”.

One year later, Mr Holmes presents “The Farthest Fringes”, an effort he considers a significant milestone in his growth as a composer and sound designer. The composer recalls the material for this newbie came together quite quickly, as four of the pieces were written in bursts of inspiration in the three months before the cd made the shelves, while roughly half of all its sound design started totally from scratch.

Compared to his debut, “The Farthest Fringes” introduces a more melodic approach (something Hollan says he was compelled to explore for a long time) and was mastered and further improved in the capable hands of Chad Kettering. During the lenghty process of polishing and refining, Chad also helped Hollan expand his own audio editing skills.

Well, all these efforts have not been in vain, as the eight tracks making up “The Farthest Fringes” form an fascinating interstellar journey of its own, a cinematic guide into the great beyond making up the space of the universe. The imaginary sound tapestries are gentle and expansive, and are accompanied by attractive, minimal-oriented sequencer patterns. But most of all, the lush outcome seems all about creating a deep and comfortable atmospheric canvas.

Especially the free form “Aeon” along the vibrant “Outskirts” are exceptional in my opinion. “The Sentinel” features more upfront along spatial sequencing and a stronger solo voice. The strong 9-minute title track is a free form atmospheric movement reaching out into the great expanse, while “Earthshine” puts a fine ending to the quality galactic travels making up “The Farthest Fringes”.
Overall, this album tops the already impressive debut, so very well done, Mr Holmes!

The release is available as a factory-pressed cd in a high-quality glossy eco-wallet or as a digital download from CD Baby, iTunes and other online platforms.

Website: www.hollanholmesmusic.com

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