Hoshin – Path of Dissolutions

Hoshin - Path of Dissolutions


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Hoshin – Path of Dissolutions
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, CryoChamber , 2016

Hoshin is an ambient composer hailing from Belgium who connects opposites in his deep aural creations using an analog modular synthesizer, sound effects and many field recordings of remote locations such as forests and temple complexes.

His full-length debut “Path of Dissolutions”, assembled of tracks made between late 2013 until mid 2016, features deep, lush ambiences evaporating Asian moods and nostalgia along a kind of aural fog that evoke ghostly or sacred presences and mysteries behind appearances.

I feel it’s an emotive and richly (pastel-)coloured journey through a dense, darkening netherworld on which the spacious sonic scenery is intrinsic, mesmerizing, calming but also soothingly dramatic. Especially the tracks “Drop out the Fruitless”, “Lone” and “The All is Aflame” making up the midsection are most impressive. Next to that, “Ruins in Focus” has a lovely cinematic Biosphere-quality to it.

As a whole, “Path of Dissolutions” is a transcendental, haunting and revelatory experience when listened (and sensed) with headphones, offering new aural vistas, sublayers and intruiguing details with every spin. Chapeau!

Website: cryochamber.bandcamp.com


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