Howard Ferré – Journey’s End

Howard Ferré - Journey's End

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Howard Ferré – Journey’s End
CD-R, Private Release, 2010

With “Journey’s End”, South-Florida based neo-classical/new age composer and sound designer Howard Ferré brings us his debut album.
In the past 25 years, Mr Ferré has produced music for theatre, but he always had the desire to bring his own music to a new level, which has now crystallized into the organic textural soundworlds of “Journey’s End”.

The first impression of the music is quiet new age music, consisting of free flowing, smooth and above all warm soundscapes. The opening piece “Before you” didn’t leave a distinct feeling on me, although it seems not the least uninspired.
Next are the nice “Wax Branches” and “Turning Point” which both feature contemplate piano accompanying the electronics. The music even started to gain weight for me when things were set in motion on the latter track and further on. Things even get a poppy touch on “5 Years”, which is layered with choir pads, while the closing title track sounds too cheesy and easy-listening to my ears.

Certain undercurrents and spirits hidden in “Journey’s End” reminded me of the female-oriented music of Chris Franke’s “Pacific Coast Highway”, although the music as such is a different cup of tea.
The dreamy, imaginary impact of Ferré’s own created chill-out space is something one must like, certainly when one keeps in mind there’s a velvet, and very soft veil draped over his sound design.
The album is available on Amazon and Itunes.



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