Howard Givens & Craig Padilla – Being of Light

Howard Givens & Craig Padilla - Being of Light

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Howard Givens & Craig Padilla – Being of Light
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2017

With this follow-up to “Life Flows Water”, accomplished composers Howard Givens and Craig Padilla emphasize a visceral and enveloping experience, conceptually envisioning the outcome as a topology of energy where the individual is a single point of light, solitary and self-aware, yet melded into the sum of all light, complete in the totality of existence.

“Being of Light” offers nearly 70 minutes of calming but still quite active electro-acoustic music fusing vintage analog, digital synthesizers, grand piano, electric guitar and various other expressive instruments. The soul-searching ambient-electronics come to the listener in four long form tracks steadily unfolding, ebbing and flowing through muted moments of tension, release, mystery and peace.

For me though the outcome doesn’t work as I somehow couldn’t connect to it nor did it affect me in any sense as it unfolded. So maybe it will for those listeners appreciating introspective stuff as described above.


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