Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi – Source of Compassion

Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi - Source of Compassion

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Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi – Source of Compassion
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2016

I imagine the meditative exercise with Craig Padilla on “Life Flows Water” must have triggered Spotted Peccary veteran Howard Givens to explore that realm even further, as the most subtle electronic-ambient making up “Source of Compassion” dwells further in overall quiet, serene and pastoral territory.

Howard’s collaboration with electronic musician, harpist and meditative sound painter Madhavi Devi (aka Cheryl Gallagher) has led to a 66-minute continuous set of minimalist music consisting of soft pulsating and gentle colour-shifting textural waves traversing fluidly between organic earth and the grand cosmic expanse. It takes until half of the third track “Omkara” before a subtle rhythm emerges in the ethereal-hypnotizing, vintage-spiced soundscape.

A repetitive, subdued tribal rhythm is featured along the delicately moulded pads, bass line and soft-soaring leading voice on the title piece. The impact and emotive-morphing current of the previous piece is also felt on “Pathless Passage” following next, also dressed with evocative, attentively tweaked Moog sounds. “Connected Space” rounds out the calming album with comfortable gliding and spacious guitar textures.
All in all, “Source of Compassion” proves a pleasant companion for repose and reflection.


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