Hurry Hurry – Life

Hurry Hurry - Life

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Hurry Hurry – Life
CD-R, Substantial Brothers Productions, 2010

Hurry Hurry is a collaborative project of the brothers Wayne and Rob Hurry, who hail from Lake Heights, Western Australia. They run a business in film music, but decided to start a different project in their spare time, dedicated to composing commercial music releases as Hurry Hurry.

“Life” (in which the duo invested three years of work) is their debut album, the first in a series of related albums, which deals with the development of life from the virgin planet right up to the appearance of mankind. And there’s the beautiful voice of Marilyn Thomas, acting as Mother Earth, that links the 16 tracks together in one continuous flow with short spoken text phrases.

The 73-minute quite powerful album fires off with the excellent track “A Million Stars/The Virgin Planet”, featuring some sweeping symphonic/orchestral music and great sequencing. It elegantly moves forward on the following tracks with melodic, rhythmic shaped excursions which offer lots of detail and transparency, topped by environmental nature sounds and effects.

Even now and then, some rocking guitar passes by in the cinematic, complex shaped music, although there are some weak spots, such as the sixth and eight track and in the second half. The multi-layered “Thunder Lizards” is a nicely rendered little symphony of its own though, next to the tune and excellent synth solo in “Fur”.

Toward the end, the music more and more evolves in a peculiar kind of instrumental rock symphony, which sees these the two musicians pump a bit too much energy and everything in every track, all ending up in the vigorous finale of Homo Sapiens.

Although the production and mastering of the album are very well done, the music itself I think would benefit of “less is more”..



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