Hybrid Leisureland – Scroll Slide

Hybrid Leisureland - Scroll Slide


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Hybrid Leisureland – Scroll Slide
CD, Ultimae Records, 2010

Hybrid Leisureland is the alias of Tokyo-based musician Hidetoshi Koizumi, who made his first steps into music around 1995.

While he made his debut on the Ultimae sampler “Oxycanta” release, his sonic output seem to reflect his personal observations of the world he lives in.
Mr Koizumi creates original ambient soundscape progressions that are subtle, defined and slightly repetitive, moving from a delicate whisper to noise.

The intimate outcome on “Scroll Slide” is quiet sonic journey, a balance of sound and space, leaving it open for the mind to wander and interpret. Things are done in the Japanese way of perfection, the slow chord progressions are all about what happens in the spaces between, not what is filling the space.

Koizumi’s subtle ballet of electronic instruments gently dancing together enters a silent world, where balance and harmony lie at the core of matter, occasionally ending up in a few accompanying beats and clicks, or in hypnotizing states of mind.

Although I enjoyed the intimate electronics and repetitive, sustained wave forms of “Breeze is Nice”, the full ambient content of “Scroll Slide” is not up my alley.

Website: www.hybridleisureland.jpn.org


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