Hyios – Consuetudines

Hyios - Consuetudines

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Hyios – Consuetudines
CD, Malignant Records, 2009

Hyios is a one-man project from Leipzig, Germany.
“Consuetudines”, which is his debut album recorded between 2007 and 2008, contains seven expansive cold ritual drones textures in which metallic objects and scorching, grinding and organic sounds crawl through abstract spacious realms.

The dense sonic environments with noise and industrial elements create a confined, uneasy and unsettling feeling. There’s the constant factor of something menacing, devastating and foreboding just underneath these imminent worlds of darkness.

Listening to and experiencing “Consuetudines” is heavy. It’s dark ambient pur sang, a permanent descent to demonic and primordial depths with overall sinister and hellish impact.
I imagine this will only be liked by fans of e.g. Inade or Lustmord.
The sound quality and mastering are excellent.

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