Hyperkube – Remnants

Hyperkube – Remnants

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Hyperkube – Remnants
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Littl’ Antenna Records, 2020

Hyperkube is a project initiated by Belgium synthesist Tom Coppens (who some may know as a member of Kubusschnitt). With this release he continues his love for classic Berlin School inspired electronics mixed with melodic sequencers and assorted ambient elements, which he does aptly. In his vibrant music Tom also comes up with some fresh, contemporary vibes melting nicely with analogue synth sounds, already evoking a tantalizing, slightly longing spheres on the beautiful opener “Realm”.

The 8-minute title track comes sideways mid ‘70’s TD while taking its own turn on it simultaneously. “Calling from Beyond” fires off a bit more energy while also being faster-paced in its first half, before things slow down in a calm realm. Vibrant and jumping sequences are laid out over warm synth textures and mellotron pads on “The Fields of Aaru” before “Remnants” closes with the gentle yet melancholic “In fine principium”. A gracious, majestic ending I reckon. Nice going Mr Coppens.

P.S. All proceeds from this album will be used to organise further EM-events in Belgium.

Website: http://hyperkube.bandcamp.com


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