I Awake – The Core

I Awake - The Core

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I Awake – The Core
CD, Ultimae Records, 2008

The musician behind I Awake is the Stockholm based sound designer, soundtrack producer and musician Thomas Huttenlocher. “The Core” comes in a deluxe digi-pack with great digital art work by David Vineïs.

The sonic outcome of the well produced and mastered “The Core”, for which Mr Huttenlocher collaborated with Krister Linder, Fredrik Lundberg, Tara Devi and Planet Boelex on several tracks, continues in the footsteps of the open, sonic trademark of the French Ultimae label, but after all didn’t turn out as mature and consistent as I expected at first glance.

The album starts out with atmospheric ambient and organic counterpoints, getting more rhythmic as tribal beats and percussion infuse the nicely unfolding second track “Constellation of the Heart”.
More groovy, psychedelic and down-tempo elements pop up in the following tracks, as well as vocal samples. The “earthy”-flavoured “Never Time Nomads” and “Reclaim” sound rather uninspired and mediocre to my ears, but things get a bit better as “Leaving the Known” raises the down-tempo bar a bit more although staying in the same minimal sonic realm as the previous tracks.

The slightly melancholic sounding “Unleashed” announces the addition of guitar, but this doesn’t hide the empty, superficial content which also makes the next track “Rebreath” a flat album filler.

“Journey” fortunately sounds better again with its low bass groove textures and tribal beats, which sounds more original, stepping away from the typical label-sound. This also applies to the nicely rendered “Inferno” with vocal treats.
Engaging spacious realms unfold on the strong “Reflecting Impulses”, before the nice guitar licks and crispy down-tempo sonics of “One” bring things to an end (don’t miss the hidden track which again illustrates a lush, more “own” sound).

Website: https://ultimae.com/artists/i-awake/


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