Ian Boddy – After the Rain

Ian Boddy - After the Rain

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Ian Boddy – After the Rain

The music contained on “After the Rain” reveals the more experimental and abstract/adventurous side of skilled UK-composer Ian Boddy. Recorded live in concert at the Basic Electricity #4 festival in Berlin held in June 2012, the 65-minute outcome harks back to the dawn of electronic music at the start of the 70’s.

It totally avoids melodic content in the conventional sense, and features a lenghty experimentation with tone generators along a range of fx’s, bleeps, squeaks and chirps. If you’re looking for any structure or something accesible, go look somewhere else, as the two sets of 25 and 40 minutes each (complimented with two short demo-tracks at the end) are firmly rooted in the tough, eerie and macabre shadows of Schulze’s “Irrlicht” or TD’s “Electronic Meditation”/“Atem”.

Summerizing: the rough and unpolished music of “After the Rain” is simply not for the faint-hearted.

Website: www.din.org.uk

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