Ian Boddy – As Above So Below

Ian Boddy - As Above So Below

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Ian Boddy – As Above So Below

It seems to me things have come to rest and return to a harmonic state on the Ian Boddy’s rather neo-classical oriented, symphonic infused “As Above so Below”.

The smooth swirling electronic music structures featured on the 39-minute/6-track album all carry a cinematic, reflective, organic-infused and library-music kind of mood/feel while evolving spaciously and gentle overall. Besides that one can’t miss a sense of density roaming in the methodologically paced, analogue-spiced music with few piano parts delivering certain melody along some atmospheres airing undeniable slices of darkness. I for one feel the emotive, vintage-sequenced “The Thaumaturge” makes a highlight.

Overall, I’ve experienced “As Above so Below” as a meticulously constructed sonic travelogue with various melancholic undercurrents (displayed profoundly on the last track “One Day”) and various tasty classic Berlin School sensitivities.

Website: www.din.org.uk

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