Ian Boddy – Aurora

Ian Boddy - Aurora

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Ian Boddy – Aurora
CD, DiN, 2002

Since Ian Boddy started his own DiN-label, he always looked for ways to extend his electronic sound by e.g. mixing his beloved vintage analogues with software synths and other creative sound design. This to compose a more abstract, impressionistic and more adventurous kind of (ambient) music.

One might say the outcome of all these experiments into the heartland of electronics is the surprising “Aurora”, a 6-track release offering a nice tapestry of future sonic explorations. Dark, rather eerie and a bit oppressive soundscapes fill “Gravity Well”, which acts as an intro to the introspective/abstract meandering and textural “Ecliptic”. As the track progresses and a light rhythms sets in, things start running into plesant cosmic realms.

Dense and overall mysterious atmospheres continue on the abstract soundpainting and strange, microtonal vocal rhythms of “Vox Lumina”, all together creating a rather uneasy feel.
Things turn overal minimal on the 11-minute “Zero-G”, an ongoing string of morphing textures in which the sounds ebb and flow and shape shift into the mysterious.

Now we get to the strongest part of the album. “Escape Velocity” turns up both the abstract as rhythmic alley with heavy tweeked analogue sequences, effects, vintage choirs and spacious textures. The organic and the celestial seem too meet here in an almost orchestral sense.

The almost 17-minute title track (based on Kyrie from Missa Papae Marcelli by the sixteenth century composer Palestrina) ending the album, is the culmination of an idea Boddy first envisaged on his first USA concert trip to Philadelphia in 2000. Intensity and drama are the keywords for this gem of smooth whirling and overall spherical paintings.

The melange of the abstract and the minimal on “Aurora”, which combines Ian’s analogue heritage with 21st century sonic explorations, is not an easy one. Nevertheless, it will proof very rewarding when you let it in and work its peculiar magic and sense of dynamics.

Website: www.din.org.uk

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