Ian Boddy – Axiom

Ian Boddy - Axiom


Ian Boddy – Axiom
CD/Lp/Digital Download, DiN, 2020

When darker, colder days are upon us, I always sense a great need to listen and immerse in melancholic, more profound electronic music. Mr. Boddy’s 2020 release “Axiom”, which I listened to through headphones, proved to fit in there perfectly.

With a playing time of just over 41 minutes, the vintage, smoothly sequenced, gently pulsating electronic music found on the six emotive tracks simply feel like a warm, comforting blanket addressing transformative, gracious, elevating as well as contemplative atmospheres. Next to the intriguing synth-wave ballad on opener “Omicron”, “Nitro” sure makes a glowing pinnacle moment here while I also have a soft spot for “Boddy Love’s” evocative yet groovy ambient waves along the soft mourning “The Fallen” found in the second half of the recording.

Attentive, repeated listening to “Axiom’s” glistening sonic poetry is recommended.

Website: din.org.uk

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