Ian Boddy – Chiasmata

Ian Boddy - Chiasmata

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Ian Boddy – Chiasmata

“Chiasmata” contains the music played live-in-concert at the planetarium of Leicester’s National Space Centre, UK, in November 2003.

This is not your average planetarium music, as Mr Boddy combines abstract soundscapes and dense atmospheres with strange pulsating reveries and vintage textural pads. Moreover, its overall mood is somber and occasionally trippy, besides a couple of energetic, groovy-oriented takes such as “Nucleotide” and “Kinaesthesia”.

Despite its unique voice, cinematic impact and excellent audio quality, this peculiar cosmic work of pure electronics didn’t create a sonic landscape I personally get the least enthusiastic about. Unfortunately, a couple of more spins and accurate listening to the 68-minute release didn’t change that either.

Website: www.din.org.uk

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